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Pastors & Staff

Dr. Mark Ellis

Senior Pastor 

I am a committed, focused and caring pastor who gets excited about developing peoples faith into Christlike maturity and equipping them for their ministry in the church and life long mission in the world.

Lady Mary Ellis

First Lady/Events Planning

Lady Mary is an admirable and exquisite example of a virtuous woman, a first lady, a minister’s wife, a mother, a teacher and a leader. Greatest of all, she is an anointed, born-again, spirit-filled believer who seeks to please God and be used by Him in every area of her life.

Elder Jaborie Green


Elder Darian & Brenda Williams

Congregational Care Pastor/Fellowship Area Director

I am concerned about my fellow believers. I love to build up and encourage the body of Christ. My goal is to ensure that everyone I meet realize their value, especially in the Kingdom of God. I want them to understand that their mere existence reveal that they have purpose and were designed for a special assignment. I am continuing to grow as a child of God. As I age, I have come to realize how much I still don’t know, especially concerning myself. Still a work in progress. 

Jennifer Johnson

Discipleship Area Director

I am an organized, tenacious, and compassionate person.  I am passionate about inspiring others to see the world outside of theirs.

Deacon Larry Poole

Operations Director

Sherman Dugas

Creative Director

I am a creative self starting problem solver that specializes in capturing, creating  and presenting content that edifies the Kingdom.  

Minister Sylvester & Cheryl Glover

Youth Pastor

Lydia Bush


I am dedicated, committed, and detail oriented.  I enjoy giving time to provide service and support for others and encourage them to reach their greatest potential.  I am driven by my values and beliefs. I will be a positive change agent for my family, friends, and community.  Ethics and integrity will continue to be a focal point of my speech and actions.

Lisa Lendo

Executive Assistant/Print Management/Events Planning

I am focused and determined to help build the kingdom through faithful service. I am an encourager and live to be a positive force in the lives of others by reminding them to never stop growing, learning, and laughing. I am striving to never lose sight of what is most important. I endeavor to build from the strength of others, and I choose to be always insightful in God’s work.