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Louisiana Faith Alliance

This  alliance is made up of pastors, lawyers, doctors, business owners, educators and students who are dedicated to improving the lives of all people by serving as a voice for the voiceless. Its mission is to protect and defend civil rights by  holding government agencies accountable, leveling the economic and educational playing fields and promoting peace and justice around the world.

Louisiana Police Reform Petition

For more information text LACHANGE to 225-250-1970


TEXT LACHANGE TO 225-250-1970

Our Demands

To determine what is ethically good for the individual and for society, Aristotle said, “it is necessary to possess three virtues of practical wisdom: temperance, courage, and justice.” We are requesting immediate changes by the law enforcement community to:

- Develop and pass comprehensive city and state legislation to end discriminatory, unlawful, and abusive police practices.
- Create a registry that includes all law enforcement officers who have formal complaints filed against them by any citizen for misconduct and violation of their   human and civil rights.  This registry is to be managed by the LA Justice Department.
- Develop a simplified in person and online process for citizens to file complaints against law enforcers.
- Conduct a thorough review of police union practices and eliminate practices such as those that allow the District Attorney to accept police union financial support.
- Creation of an independent committee made up of law enforcement officers and informed diverse citizens to draft the terms and agreement around what determines a valid complaint.
- Increase transparency and accountability with independent mechanisms for Law Enforcement oversight.

Let's work together.

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