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About Us

REACH is designed to promote personal and spiritual growth in the life of the believer and to support the believer through life’s problems while offering hope for the future.

Our Mission
OUR MISSION is to teach and train believers how to apply
 Biblical principles to life’s problems and how to push beyond
 familial and cultural limitations.
Our Vision
OUR VISION is to create a safe place where hurting people
can find healing and wholeness in an understanding and nonjudgemental
Christian environment that promotes personal and spiritual growth.

Biblical Counseling

Biblical Counseling is designed to guide and support you through the biblical counseling process
so that you can overcome the struggles of everyday life’s problems.

What We Offer

  • Intro to Biblical Counseling Classes 101
  • Biblical Counseling Training 201
  • Individual Counseling Sessions (by appt)
  • Mental Health Coaching (by appt)

We Will Teach You How To

  • Rightly apply biblical principles to everyday problems
  • Receive hope in the Word
  • Change your perception about the problem
  • Practice what you have learned during the counseling process
If you’re in need of an understanding, supportive and compassionate Christian environment based on
Biblical principles, REACH Life Coaching Ministry is the answer for you.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching is designed to help you push beyond familial and cultural limitations
so that you can reach your highest God-given potential.

What We Offer

  • Intro to Life Coaching Classes
  • Accountability Growth Sessions (Monthly)
  • Individual Coaching Sessions (by appt)

We Will Teach You How To

  • Lead with a Vision
  • Manage with a Plan
  • Be Accountable for Growth
If you are interested in our life coaching program, please fill in your information at the bottom of this page.

Meet Our Staff

Donna Hamilton MA, BCCC, CMHC

Master of Arts in Counseling; Board-Certified Christian Counselor; Certified Mental Health Coach; professional background in Mental Health, Education, and
Administration; an Online Content Creator and Published Author; deeply passionate about teaching, counseling, and coaching others on how to reach their highest God-given potential so that they can make an impact in Kingdom work.

Christie Hollins MA, MCLC

Master of Arts in Special Education; Certified Elementary and Special Education
Teacher; Master Certified Life Coach; professional background in Special Education with an emphasis on Virtual Education; deeply passionate about using personal experiences to help others who are going through difficult times in their lives.

Dr. Vanessa Green PsyD, Ed.S, CLC

Doctorate Degree in Biblical Psychology; Master of Arts in Theology and Religious Studies; Specialist degree in Counseling; Certified Life Coach; Creator and Founder of Made New, LLC, specializing in mindset transformation; host of the podcast Transformative Talk with Coach V; a three-time Bestselling Author and Empowerment Speaker; has always had a passion for helping people and seeing them transform their lives to reach their full potential.

Dr. Jameson Alston DPT CLC

Doctorate Degree in Physical Therapy; Licensed Associate Minister; Certified Life Coach; professional background in Personal Development Coaching, Economic and Real Estate Development; Most passionate about teaching, training, evangelizing, leadership development, mentoring, and making music; loves to serve the youth and young adult communities.

Dorothy Singleton BS CLC

Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and Christian Counseling; Certified Life Coach; passionate about helping those who will avail themselves to God for growth and maturity, and to help them build character and strength by offering them biblical solutions for everyday life’s situations.

Jordan Howard MSW CLC

Master’s Degree in Social Work; Certified Life Coach; professional background in youth programs, promoting women’s sexual health, a public health blogger for the Mayor’s Safe Hopeful Healthy Initiative. Most passionate about advocating for mental health and social welfare; aims to provide accessible mental health services to youth, young adults, and families within their communities.

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