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Providing the believer with foundational knowledge and understanding of God's
word in order to promote skills and strategies for personal and spiritual growth. 

Our Goal

Adult Christian Formation (ACF) aims to develop believers both spiritually and naturally while providing a foundation for growth and maturity. Additionally, we aspire to provide a learner-focused environment and curriculum that will encourage our students to excel in life and excel as a believer. 

Class Schedule 

There are eight different modules offered in the ACF curriculum.
Classes will begin promptly every Sunday morning at 10:00 am in the Connect Center at United Christian Faith Ministries. Class will end at 11:00 am.


You must complete all eight (8) modules to graduate from ACF. You are only allowed to miss 3 class sessions. Additionally, only arrivals before 10:00am will be counted as present. (Note: it will take 23 sessions to complete all eight modules)
Note: Make-up classes are not offered

Materials Needed for Class

Adult Christian Formation Books (included in registration cost)
  • Bible
  • Pen and Paper

Material Cost: $30

Various prizes and giveaways will be given throughout class to students who meet the following qualifications:
Perfect Attendance  On Time Award       Out of the Box Award
"Adult Christian Formation equipped me with the skills needed to more effectively study the bible, understand and use my spiritual gifts, and better apply Christian principles and disciplines to my everyday life." - Candice


Adult Christian Formation has two series; Spiritual Disciplines and Stewardship. Each series consists of 4 modules. By the end of each of the eight (8) modules, the student will:

Spiritual Disciplines Series

How to Study The Bible

  • Understand the Bible as the written Word of God
  • Learn the importance of a daily devotional in their studying of God’s Word
  • Utilize various methods (chapter summary, character summary, etc) to Study God’s Word

Spiritual Gifts

  • Discover their spiritual gifts and passions, which are to be used for the glory of God
  • Recognize the traits and the areas of caution associated with their spiritual gifts
  • Discover the purpose of utilizing spiritual gifts in the church
  • Spiritual Gifts Assessment


  • Discover the purpose of evangelism and the local church
  • Acquire the knowledge to understand and fulfill their duties as a “Called out Believer”
  • Be equipped to persuade and/or convert others to become believers as it relates to Christ’s mission

Fasting & Prayer

  • Define prayer and its importance in life
  • Understand the disciplines and values of fasting and praying

Stewardship Series

Stewardship of Talents

  • Recognize their talents and abilities
  • Understand God’s expectation of their abilities as they are used for His honor and glory

Stewardship of Health

  • Understand the importance of having an active, healthy lifestyle
  • Implement new habits (proper diet, exercise, sleep regimen) that encourage healthy living
  • Interpret the nutritional value of foods including which ones to avoid

Stewardship of Time

  • Understand that time (given to us by God) should be valued
  • Recognize the events, activities, and people in their lives that cause them to waste time
  • Create a time management table for daily, weekly, and monthly scheduling

Stewardship of Money

  • Create a budget for themselves and their families to live on
  • Create a debt elimination plan, as it is important to live debt free
  • Understand money management and its principles