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United Excel is dedicated to the education, advocacy and empowerment of the Baton Rouge Community and surrounding areas through our MEDS Model (Morally, Economically, Domestically and Socially), while promoting peace and justice around the world.


United Excel Social Justice Institute is a research-based organization designed to bring knowledge and awareness to the community.  It provides a systemic process on how to address social injustice through five core areas: Education, Research, Negotiation, Confrontation, and Resolution.


The heart of The United Excel resides within the outreach department of United Christian Faith Ministries. Our goal is to strategically address the following issues:
•Feeding the hungry
•Ensuring people are paid a living wage
•People have access to quality education
•Entrepreneur startup capital
•Government and private contracts
•Access to capital
•Caring for the needs of the incarcerated and their families
•Working to end our state’s epidemic of mass incarceration
•Providing counseling services to the bereaved, the depressed and the mentally challenged
•Access to healthcare

What is social justice?

Social Justice is the equitable distribution of Wealth, Opportunities, and Privileges.  
- Town Hall Meetings
- Voter Registration
- MLK Scholarship Breakfast
- Film Festival

Louisiana Citizens Demand for Justice!!

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Meet the team.

Dr. Kristie Perry 


Monica Jeanpierre

Assistant Director

Donna Hamilton

Administrative Assistant

James Jefferson

Coordinator of Education

Mayra McCray

Assistant to the Coordinator of Education

Jazzika Matthews

Coordinator of Community Dialogue

Reatha Wright

Coordinator of Community Advocacy

What We Do

Social Justice Training Course

Host at least three (3) yearly Training Course to training church and community members on the history of Social Justice in the United States. Students will participate in research to question practices, identify change requirements, and present alternatives we can imagine.

Town Hall Meetings

Host at least two (2) yearly town hall meetings to educate the community political and social justice issues; galvanizing a panel of stakeholders to discuss social justice issues in the areas of government, business, education, healthcare, criminal justice, church, and family.

Film Festival

Host at least two (2) yearly film festivals that highlight specific issues/subjects historically or currently related to Social Justice.

Community Participation

Host at least three (3) yearly events that gets the community involved through action (ie. voter registration, community walk, and community rally).


Provide the community and church with a quarterly newsletter of activities, events, and issues in the community that can affect citizens morally, economically, domestically and socially

Secondary Partnership

Launch a social justice curriculum with a local high school. The curriculum will involve 6 modules to complete in six months. United Excel will meet with the High school for 6 months and involve the youth in community activities.

Annual Martin Luther King Day Scholarship Breakfast

Host an annual MLK Day Scholarship where we recognize and honor community leaders fighting for justice.  United Excel will also provide scholarships to students entering college with majors in areas where they can bring about systemic changes related to justice in to their communities.

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