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Response to Injustice

Photo from NY Post

"Response to Injustice"

When we see lawlessness and injustice from those who are paid to uphold the law, there has to be swift action.
Here are a few things communities of color can do when we see this from law enforcement .
1. Leadership Publicly denounce the behavior - (press conference, rally -and or letter to our governmental leadership who are elected to protect and uphold law and order.)
2. Demand justice and the family paid compensatory damages
3. Pray for justice and healing - (the root of this is fear- hate and ignorance )
4. Ensure the victims family is supported during this crisis time ( gofundme - benevolence support if needed - be respectful to the Family)
4 . Hold town halls and strategy sessions with citizens and the law enforcement community to discuss prevention ( hiring- training - encountering law enforcement etc...
5. Raise up God fearing - loving responsible citizens who are willing to pursue a career in law enforcement and civic leadership ( if we don’t raise up our leaders where will we find them?)
Lastly in-spite of what we experience, let us not turn on each other because we don’t see from some what we think we ought to see in their leadership. However, we must hold leadership accountable for leadership and action.
May God help us all be the change in the world we desire to see.

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