Why FRANgelism?

Why FRANgelism?

FRANgelism is focused on Four Groups of People. Friends, Relatives. Associates, and Neighbors. FRANgelism month is the time of year we challenge our congregation to go above and beyond to invite Friends, Relatives, Associates and Neighbors to church. 

Friends may include almost anyone, classmates, people on your Christmas list, people listed in your church directory, a club membership, a group of boy scout or girl scout parents and leaders, a soccer team, a baseball team, a service club, etc.

Relatives might be a spouse, a child, an uncle or aunt, cousins, grandchildren, etc.

Associates are typically working mates, business associates, customers, business competitors, etc.

Neighbors are those who live in your neighborhood, across the street, next door, etc.

FRANgelism is Invitational. When the moment is right for you to speak up you will know it. The Holy Spirit will set the stage. All of us must speak up at the right moment!

Be personal by having a story to tell. Most people accept Christ as their savior before the age of 18 (about 80% or more), although there are some wonderful stories of people coming to faith late in life and even on their death bed. Some stories are very dramatic, like being saved from addiction, failed relationships, or healed from a major illness. Some stories are very uneventful and involve simply being raised in the church. The key point, however, is to be clear about how Jesus Christ makes a difference in your life. There is a before and after in every Christian’s life story however mild or dramatic.


Be sure to take time to invite those Friends, Relatives, Associates, and Neighbors to church THIS MONTH! 



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