Facilities and Security Manager

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UCFM Building and Grounds

Facilities and Security Manager

The facilities and security manager is responsible for the assisting in the general upkeep and oversight of the church property.  This person may help to arrange for a yearly church clean-up day in which church volunteers assist with special projects.  In the event of weddings, funerals and other no church-sponsored events, the event host will be responsible for paying for the manager’s services as needed.  Church policy will dictate fees.

Ministry Area/Department Buildings and grounds
Position Buildings and Grounds Assistant Mgr
Accountable To  Director of Facilities Mgmt- Deacon Joseph Bush
Ministry Target Church in general
Position Is Paid
Position May Be Filled By Member and or Other approved individual
Minimum Maturity Level Stable, maturing Christian
Spiritual Gifts Serving • Administration
Talents or Abilities Desired General construction • Building maintenance • Lawn-care skills • Ability to supervise others • Valid driver’s license and transportation
Best Personality Traits Dependable • Hardworking • Initiative to get things done without direct supervision • Analyst-dependable or analyst-expresser
Passion For Good stewardship of the facilities God has given the church • Presenting a positive physical appearance of the church in the community
Length of Service Commitment One year minimum

Anticipated Time Commitments

  1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: 3-6 hours a week
  2. Participating in meetings/training: two hours a month


  1. Provide building and ground maintenance; ensuring safe, clean and proper order of the facilities. Keep a record of regular maintenance done on buildings/grounds and a list of projects to do. Report all repairs needed and work done of proper forms. ( forms provided by church admin office)
  2. Assist with making building repairs were capable such as plumbing, electrical, carpentry, painting, and arrange for outside repair services when necessary.
  3. Fill/drain baptistery as needed. ( N/A yet)


  1. Assist with Operate heating and cooling equipment (ensure proper settings for any events held in the facilities and adjust settings for times the facilities may not be in use).
  2. Ensure Set up and take down chairs/partitions as needed for weekly services, meetings and special functions.
  3. Ensure church security; lock and unlock facilities for church services and events.

Sunday service: open door s at 8:30am

Choir Rehearsal: Open doors at 5:50pm

Wed night service: Open doors at 5:45pm

Ensure Lock-up for all women’s fellowship meetings

***** Develop a team of approved personnel to assist with opening and locking facility ( Discuss all persons with pastor before talking with individual)

  1. Ensure that church vehicles are maintained. (Bus ministry coordinator primary responsibility)
  2. Recruit and train men workers for church security and parking lot assistance
  3. Assist with the Development of a weekly lock-up and special event schedule
  4. Assist with inventory and asset management. ( Inventory is checked and accounted for quarterly)
  5. Ensure greeters and Ushers do a final walk thru after each service checking all bathrooms and sanctuary for misplaced items, (people) and trash.


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