Singles Ministries Activities Coordinator (18-29)

Posted 1 year ago

The Singles Activities Coordinator will plan and organize regular activities for single adults for the purpose of fun, fellowship and spiritual edification for individuals ages 18-29.

Ministry Area/Department Singles Ministry
Position Singles activities coordinator
Accountable To Pastor
Ministry Target Single adults
Position Is Volunteer
Position May Be Filled By Church member
Minimum Maturity Level New, growing Christian
Spiritual Gifts Administration • Exhortation • Teaching • Shepherding
Talents or Abilities Desired Good role model • Good planning and organizational skills• Understands the characteristics of the above listed age group
Best Personality Traits Leader •Dependable • Expresser
Passion For Planning activities for fun, fellowship and spiritual edification of single adults
Length of Service Commitment One year minimum

Anticipated Time Commitments

  1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: One to four hours a week
  2. Participating in meetings/training: One-three hours a month


  1. Recruit ministry members and support leadership team
  2. Get to know the single adults in the church and find out what their interests are and what activities they enjoy. Do a yearly survey regarding activity choices.
  3. Plan and organize monthly and quarterly activities for all singles (ages 18-29).
  4. Coordinate special activities with the singles class including
  5. Single-again groups for widows/widowers, divorcees;
  6. Single parents;
  7. Never-married/ and career.
  8. Prepare an activity calendar and distribute copies to all singles.
  9. Give a copy of the activity schedule to the administrative secretary for when someone calls with questions about dates and activities and so that the information may be included in the church master calendar.
  10. Attend monthly meeting with leadership team to determine activities and events to be scheduled over several months
  11. Arrange venues, food, entertainment, speakers and marketing for the various events planned
  12. Assist in the execution of scheduled events
  13. Collect and study data for monthly scorecard and make recommendations for improvements
  14. Create partnerships with other churches and their Singles Ministry
  15. Present and represent ministry in a positive light at all times
  16. Follow up with team members in time of illness in a spirit of loving support
  17. Look for ways to help singles become part of the worship services and contribute to a spirit of commitment among the members


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