Parking Lot Attendant

Posted 1 year ago

UCFM Parking lot attendant

The UCFM parking lot attendant is responsible for directing vehicles into and out of the church parking lots in an orderly and friendly manner.

Ministry Area/Department In Reach
Position Parking lot attendant
Accountable To  Building and Grounds Mgr
Ministry Target Church in general
Position Is Volunteer
Position May Be Filled By Member and or Other approved individual
Minimum Maturity Level Stable, maturing Christian
Spiritual Gifts Serving • Administration * Helps
Talents or Abilities Desired • Valid driver’s license and transportation * good sense of Judgment
Best Personality Traits Dependable • Hardworking • Initiative to get things done without direct supervision • Analyst-dependable or analyst-expresser
Passion For Good stewardship of the facilities God has given the church • wanting to see the work of the church go forth in excellence
Length of Service Commitment One year minimum

Anticipated Time Commitments

  1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: 1-2 hours a week
  2. Participating in meetings/training: Once a quarter – 2hours


  1. Be in your assigned parking lot on time ( 10-15 minutes before service) ready to direct traffic.
  2. Wear the church’s assigned orange parking vest when directing traffic.
  3. Have an umbrella available in inclement weather.
  4. Be friendly and polite when directing vehicles. Give helpful but short answers to vehicles stopping to ask questions.
  5. Always keep the traffic flowing in the parking lot.
  6. Direct vehicles with handicap stickers to specially designated spaces. Assist the disable and elderly by providing umbrella escorts in inclement weather.
  7. Use assigned traffic cones to block entrances to lots that become full.
  8. Warmly greet people as they exit or enter their vehicles.
  9. Notify team lead or Director of facilities when a guest or members need assistance with their disabled vehicles ( flat tire, stall car, etc…)
  10. Remember, you are usually UCFM’s last opportunity to minister to those leaving the church’s facilities!




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