Parent Liaison Coordinator

Posted 10 months ago

Parent Liaison Coordinator

The UCFM Parent Liaison Coordinator is responsible for promoting the Children and Youth Department and all its activities within the department; communicating regularly with the parents and generating awareness and enthusiasm for Children and Youth Department activities.

Ministry Area/Department Children and Youth
Position Parent Liaison Coordinator
Accountable To Area Director of Discipleship & Pastor
Ministry Target Members
Position Is
Position May Be Filled By Church member
Minimum Maturity Level Stable, maturing Christian
Spiritual Gifts Administration– Helps-Intercession
Talents or Abilities Desired Good organizational skills
Best Personality Traits Expresser-leader or analyst-leader
Passion For Education*Leading people to Christ • Helping others in their spiritual growth
Length of Service Commitment One year

Anticipated Time Commitments

  1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: A minimum of four hours a week
  2. Participating in meetings/training: One to three hours a month
  3. Actively engaged in Children’s Church: Sunday morning, Wednesday evening, and other events as required


  1. Communicate with parents regarding all CY department classes and activities
  2. Build and maintain positive relationships with parents, children and youth (attendees and participants)
  3. Assist in the planning and execution of CY Department activities
  4. Attend department meetings and trainings
  5. Provide parents with information regarding to department activities
  6. Assist where needed within the department based on the activity
  7. Be familiar with the CY department activities calendar
  8. Assist in recruitment of children and youth into the CY department via the parent-help them see the value to having their child(ren) involved and active in church as well as department activites

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