Fundraising Director

Posted 6 months ago

UCFM Director of Fundraising

The Director of Fundraisers will develop and implement fundraising strategies and oversee all fundraising interest that relates to specific activities of the Ministry. These activities will include but are not limited to, educational and spiritual growth trips, summer camp, and education enrichments activities/events for children and youth. Responsibility will also include researching and applying for grants.

Ministry Area/Department



Fundraising Director

Accountable To

Pastor/Administration Area Director

Ministry Target

Congregation and community

Position Is


Position May Be Filled By

Church member

Minimum Maturity Level

Stable, maturing Christian, tither

Spiritual Gifts

Servanthood, knowledge, discernment, helps, and administration.

Talents or Abilities Desired

Excellent communication skills both verbal and written. Good at research and devising strategies. Good with people management and ability to manage budgets well. Work well under pressure.

Best Personality Traits

Dependable – Friendly – Professional – Neat – Organized

Passion For

Hitting targets, reaching goals and meeting deadlines.

Length of Service Commitment

One year minimum

Anticipated Time Commitments

  1. Doing ministry/preparing for ministry: Two hours per week
  2. Participating in meetings/training:


  1. Research fundraising opportunities that are applicable to upcoming event(s).
  2. Organize fundraising campaigns.
  3. Recruit and inspire volunteers.
  4. Build relationships with major donors or companies
  5. Keep records including profiles of donors and/or companies.
  6. Manage budget and ensure targets are met.
  7. Research grants applicable to activity.
  8. Apply for grants in writing.
  9. Keep detailed records of all grants approved or denied.

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