Discipleship & Educational Ministries

Power for Living Academy


To provide lifelong learning for Christians desiring to grow in their walk with the Lord.

Benefits of attending Power for Living Academy:

You develop knowledge of God’s promises and provisions
You learn how to apply God’s word to your life.
You are equipped for enduring trials, tests, and temptations.
You are empowered to change unfavorable situations
Your faith is continually increased.
Power for Living Academy is the reaching arm of the church extended to the world. It is the bringing and winning of souls through teaching the word of God and also caring for those same souls.

Our international motto is: “A child saved, is a soul saved, plus a life”


To equip the congregation to be the people of God who glorify him and do his work in the world.

We are never too old to grow more in our faith, to learn more about God’s way in Jesus, and to explore new ways to discern the Spirit’s guidance. Learning for adult discipleship is central to being a vital faith community.

We desire to create learning communities smaller in size than our worship services, but larger than a small group where participants can learn from gifted teachers and connect with others in the church. We call it Christian Formation because our goal is not just to obtain information, but to be transformed into the image of Christ based on the truth we learn.


Our four goals are to:

Teach the Christian Faith: To engage church attendees, at whatever point in their pilgrimage, with the truth of Scripture, so that they are steadily increasing in their knowledge of, confidence in, and practice of the Christian faith.
Build Christian Character: To create various learning environments that stimulate personal and corporate growth in the character of Christ and the increasing development of the fruit of the Spirit.
Equip for Christian Service: To develop in each participant reliance upon the Holy Spirit and his gifts in us, leading to an active engagement in addressing the needs within all spheres of our world through Christian service.
Encourage Christian Fellowship: To encourage active participation with other attendees as an outgrowth of communion with God in Christ by the Holy Spirit, and based on a common belief in and adherence to the Word of God.


To develop young disciples of Christ by nurturing spiritual growth through sound Bible teaching, Christian fellowship, outreach and encouragement to forsake all to follow Christ while rejoicing in Salvation!

Ministry Areas

Children’s Church
Youth Bible Study
Youth Choir
Tiny Tots Dance Team
Liturgical Dance Team
Drill Team
Little Steppers
Young Men of Valor
Young Women of Excellence
Abstinence Celebration and Education
Youth Prayer Team
Please join us for Youth Sunday every 4th Sunday at 10:45 a.m. | Children’s Church meets every Sunday

Men Of Valor Ministry

To encourage growth in areas of self-discipline, self-assurance, leadership, and most of all, love of God.
To equip each young man with a code of conduct, rite of passage, and a ceremonial celebration into manhood.
Men of Valor is a unique mentoring program specifically designed for teenage males at United Christian Faith Ministries, who have a calling and interest in becoming leaders of their churches and communities, while understanding their role as men of God.


Expose our young leaders to successful Christian men in the academic, corporate, social, political, and religious fields.
Provide a forum that will enhance their self- esteem and establish a support system through open communication, knowledge, and brotherhood to enrich their personal well being.
Help our young men understand the meaning of true relationship with God and discover His purpose for their lives.
Equip them with a strong biblical foundation and practical methods of dealing with peer and family pressures.
Plant seeds that will initiate the enhancement of their leadership qualities and train them in effective use of their leadership abilities.
Develop networks and utilize resources within and outside our Church Of God In Christ environment where young Men Of Valor will be able to excel in their area of interest.
Prepare our Christian Men Of Valor to take the new millennium for Christ.

Women’s Ministry [ TOP ]
Mother Arnell Johnson, Director

Our mission is to encourage and promote Love, Unity and Fellowship amongst women.

UCFM’s Women’s Fellowship meets once a month.
Yearly Events are Women’s Retreat and Annual Women’s Week Celebration
For more information on the Women of Unity Fellowship Ministry, please contact: info@ucfministries.org

Women’s Ministry

Mother Arnell Johnson, Director

Our mission is to encourage and promote Love, Unity and Fellowship amongst women.

UCFM’s Women’s Fellowship meets once a month.
Yearly Events are Women’s Retreat and Annual Women’s Week Celebration
For more information on the Women of Unity Fellowship Ministry, please contact: info@ucfministries.org


Our mission is to help Christians have life in their years and years in their life through promoting wellness in the physical man. And even ore so, to encourage saints in ministry to be health conscious so that God may be glorified in their bodies.


Promote wellness through annual checkups, health conferences, nutrition classes and regular physical activity.
Promote awareness through pamphlets and health brochures that educates us on the signs and symptoms of various diseases and health news channeled through men, women and youth fellowships.
Promote patient education through urging saints to research their illness, prescribed medication and asking their doctor questions.
Promote personal care through encouraging saints to take responsibility for their health by eating healthy and being physically fit.


The mission of Economic Empowerment is to encourage every believer in the area of stewardship through education.

It is also the goal of Economic Empowerment to develop and implement an Entrepreneurship Course for adults as well as teenagers (Teenpreneurs).

Job Placement Goals:

1. Implement the IPT (Interview Preparation Time) conceived in 2005. EE has already hosted its first seminar on resume preparation and interviewing skills.

2. Encourage career advancement at every level through continued education and training.

The UCFM Economic Empowerment (EE) office is in place to teach us how to become better stewards over our financial resources. EE deals with the following areas:

Debt Management
Money Management
Career Development
Seminars and activities to increase awareness and commitment to the following 10 principles:

Faithfully tithe
Save 10% to 15% of after tax income.
Commit to a program of retirement planning and investing.
Engage in sound budget, credit and tax management practices
Measure personal wealth by net worth, not income.
Be proactive and knowledgeable about investing, money management and consumer issues.
Provide access to programs that will educate children about business and finance.
Use personal wealth to strengthen your community
Ensure that wealth is passed on to future generations.


Debt Management (Good Debt vs. Bad)

This seminar is devoted to methods for avoiding costly mistakes in making decisions on financing, credit cards and how to read the fine print on contracts

Getting Your Debt under Control

Already drowning in debt? This seminar addresses the individual who has already lost control of his/her debt. We’ll discuss your available options and the impact of those options. There is a way to recover.


Developing a Business Plan

The focus of this seminar is developing a business plan. We’ll talk about how to turn your ideas into a business.

Securing Financing for Your Business

So, you have your business plan and now you need seed money. This seminar will discuss the different avenues of financing your business.


For the entrepreneur who does not want to begin a business with his/her own idea, we’ll discuss how to buy into a franchise.


Investing 101

This seminar will focus on the basics of investing such as when and in what to invest and what’s best for you. We’ll discuss CD’s, Savings Accounts, T-bills, and more.

Developing Healthy Spending Habits & Destroying Bad Spending Habits

In this seminar we’ll discuss how to recognize and curb bad spending habits. We’ll discuss ways to develop better spending practices in order to avoid costly mistakes later.

Protecting Your Credit Rating

This seminar will educate you on what your FICO score means, how to improve your score, correcting credit mistakes, and protecting you identity.