Who We Are

United Christian Faith Ministries is a value-driven church. It’s based on some underlying assumptions, beliefs, and values that make us different from churches that are driven by traditions – – the “We’ve always done it this way” type of church.

Having Fun

Having FUN
Exhibits a sense of humor and ability to laugh at self
Adds personality to the customer experience
Demonstrates and creates enthusiasm for the job
Seeks to convert a negative situation into a positive customer experience
Creates a friendly environment where taking risks is okay

Service Excellence

Service Excellence
Prompt action and responses,
Providing quality information
Consistent communication
Focusing on providing a superior ministry and worship experience every time
Model a positive example as we pursue high expectations

Ethics & Integrity

Ethics and Integrity
Displaying honest behavior at all times
Accepting responsibility for actions and behavior
Being on time


Synthesizing new information and acquiring new skills that lead to innovation and greater productivity in life and ministry
Experimenting with what we learn to gain new experiences

Application of Scripture

Application of Scripture:
Attending worship and bible study regularly
Reading and Studying God’s word often
Responding and acting in faith after hearing God’s Word


Believing that wellness is achieved through a healthy mind, body and spirit
Increasing health awareness and making wise choices regarding rest, nutrition, exercise and healthy relationships


Acknowledges areas of weakness and improvement and create ethical forward-thinking solutions to overcome them.
We identify, develop and deploy leading-edge technology and process improvement tools.


Believe better results are achieved through collaborative, delegation, best practice sharing
Recognize and praise the effort and results of others
Taking advantage of multiple skill sets